Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Project: Night Wolf 3D

Because of the complications with getting 'After Wolf' underway, that film has been put on delay.  However not to fear, Tasmanian will see the light of day.

Shot in Stereoscopic 3D on the Schodl Stereoscopic System (dubbing it after Professor Schodl who built it); 'Night Wolf 3D' marks the first 3D short film for Savannah College of Art and Design.

Though a smaller film, one night shoot, it felt like going through 'After Wolf' again.  Location problems abounded till the last minute but throughout the shoot; threats of thunderstorms in the sky.  Some shots were consolidated/simplified so we could complete our shooting in case rain hit.  Despite this the footage on the monitor looks amazing.  I cannot wait for the left and right images to be merged into 3D.

The film will enter post production this week and be polished during summer.  Hopefully it will start festivals in late Fall or early Winter 2012.  And more importantly, I do hope there are festivals that'll accept a short, student 3D film.

Just to tease here are a pair of Behind the Scenes photographs; Spoiler Alert 

Shooting the final scene of the film.  I'm on the bottom left with my DP John 'Robby' Silcox and the rig on the right.

The quintessential director vanity shot with myself and my DP, and of course the wonderful camera rig.

Will be getting footage today or tomorrow and will have the first real image of the film online around that time.

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